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Demands, demands, demands
In our environment we are heavily loaded with a lot of work, expectations of society, fast tempo of life and pressures from the mass media. We should have a brilliant career and a child before we are thirty, be a loving and passionate partner and a good parent. We should look like people from the commercials and be happy like people from the commercials.

On the Road without stress
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How do we usually feel before our well-deserved vacation begins? Usually, we cannot wait for it while days seem to be longer and longer. We are exploring different possible activities near our vacation destination and imagine how we will be gazing at the waves with a drink in our hand

The Safest beaches in Croatia
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Croatia’s main pull has to be its stunning coastline. Me and my family, we have always visited Croatian beaches in the summer. Sometimes they were crowded and sometimes they were not. It depended in which month we decided to go on our vacation. We never had any problems. Not with language or with people. The people were always nice and friendly. They did not have any problems with us. 

Best Weather App to Use When Going to the Beach

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Let's avoid people… or 11 tips for visiting a secret beach
January 15, 2016  •  COMMENTS:   •     6

I bet every one of us has a little bit of an adventurous soul hidden somewhere inside. Are you the kind of person that likes untouched, empty beaches, far away from the noises of civilization? You know that this is the place where you will really manage to rest, turn off the modern world, and be one with nature.

I’m going on an adventure… or 10 tips when travelling alone with a camper
December 15, 2015  •  COMMENTS:   •     9

You have decided to make that first step to go on an adventure. First I have to congratulate you. It is not an easy decision; it is a big challenge, not just to make the trip, but to embrace the solitude that will be your companion on this journey.

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